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June 5

Every year, everywhere, everyone.

World Environment Day 2016

World Environment Day (WED) is an annual event that is celebrated on 5 June every year. It aims to inspire more people around the world than ever before to take action to prevent the growing strain on environment. Every year, World Environment Day has a particular theme related to environment protection in different forms; for example, the impact of global warming and emissions on climate and the high consumption of natural resources. In this year, the theme of the WED is on «Illegal trade in wildlife»; Such trade which erodes our precious biodiversity and threatens the survival of awesome species such as elephants, rhinos, Arabian tigers and Oryx as well as many others.

Wildlife itself is an important character of nature. It maintains ecological ‘balance of nature’ and maintains food chain and nature cycles. In addition, many wild plants provide useful substances like timber; paper; gums etc and they also have wide applications in medicine. Furthermore, wildlife has a great aesthetical value.

According to IUCN Red list 2013 of the threatened species, 21,286 species are threatened with extinction all over the world. The Arabian Peninsula, in general, and the Saudi Arabia, in particular, enjoy many kinds of species that have to be protected including, without limitation, the Arabian Oryx and the Nubian Ibex, Mountain Gazelle, Arabian tiger and Houbara bustard. Unfortunately, such precious biodiversity is liable to extinction due to excessive hunting and poaching in addition to the wrong environmental practices. Thus, every person, government, organization and body has to exert efforts and contribute in saving the wildlife.

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Every year, everywhere, everyone.

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